Telme Ecomix T 60 A

Telme Ecomix T 60 A
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EUR 28.200,00 net
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Built with high quality materials and components, TELME ice cream mix pasteurizer protect the organoleptic properties of the ingredients. Indirect thermal treatments use a food-safe heat-conducting liquid.

The buyers of the ice cream mix pasteurizers

Gelato shops and producers of artisan ice cream where the ice cream mix pasteurizer is absolutely necessary for a correct, healthy self-made production of the mix. All activities and communities for which the daily sale or supply of gelato reaches significant quantities: pastry shops, dairy shops, hotels, camping sites, sports centres, leisure centres, state schools, summer camps, hospitals, barracks, factories, etc…

Technical data

Width/Depth/Height 42x103x110 cm
Power 13,5 A-7,8 kW V 400 - 50 - 3
Condensation air
Max. mix per cycle L 30÷60
Lenght of working cycle minutes 100÷120